University Students

Many courses at university require students to perform at a set level if they are to meet subject pre-requisites. Some courses will even stipulate the GPA students need to maintain to remain enrolled in their course.

This was certainly the case when I was a psychology student at university. To become a psychologist, students need to maintain a distinction average if they are to be invited to complete their honours year. Given that a statistics subject is part of every year in a psychology program, many students were not able to achieve the required distinction.

Students in many other faculties have suffered the same fate; their chosen career path came to a halt, or took a new direction, due to the required performance levels not being met.

Being able to perform at your best under exam conditions, even for subjects you don’t like or enjoy, is a definite plus.

More importantly, these are skills that can be developed. Enrol today!

By completing the SLAM the exam course students will learn how to:

Slam the Exam will help students prepare themselves as well as they can for their exams. This includes how to manage anxiety, emotions and nerves.

Some goals come with unnecessary pressure. Slam the Exam will show you which goals to focus on and which goals to avoid if you want to perform your best.

Our beliefs about ourselves play a large role in determining whether we are successful or not. Slam the Exam will show you how to identify beliefs that support you and how to build new beliefs that will help you perform your best.

Students often come out of exams with mixed emotions. Some are unhappy about their performance, others are unhappy with the exam itself. Slam the Exam will show you how to review your performance to help you improve from every exam you take.

Everyone is time poor – they have less time available to them to study than they would like to have. Slam the Exam shows students how to prepare themselves in a way that gives them the best possible chance to produce their best on exam day, given the time that they do have to work with.

Who is the Course for?

Whether you want to do your best on exams or improve your performance in any other task, this course will show you how to perform your best)

Worrying about exams isn’t a pleasant experience and worry doesn’t help your performance. The skills you will learn in Slam the Exam will help you manage your anxiety so you can perform as well as you can.

If you need a distinction average to stay in your course Slam the Exam will show you how to give yourself the best chance to get the marks you need to complete your course and to compete for jobs after graduation.

High expectations often lead to anxiety and pressure to perform. Some students even feel that they have to get everything right to be accepted by others. This creates plenty of stress which can become unhealthy. Slam the Exam will show students how to manage expectations.

Confidence is a wonderful feeling that everyone needs to feel more often. Slam the Exam will show you how to build confidence in your ability to do well in exams as well as how to build confidence in yourself.



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