Slam The Exam


2. Lesson 1: Introduction (10 mins 3 sec)

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Exam performance is a skill that can be learned, which means that exams no longer need to be a source of stress or something students fear. This video covers the 6 steps that will be covered in the Slam the Exam program and what students need to do along the way.


4. Lesson 2: Desire – Motivation (11 mins 9 sec)

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Standard

Different students want to achieve different things. During this session we identify what each student wants to achieve and why. Both of these answers have a significant impact on a student’s motivation, which needs to be maintained to get the results they want.


6. Lesson 3: Beliefs – Perceptions part 1 (10 mins 24 sec)

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Our beliefs about ourselves and how we perform in exams has a significant impact on our actual performance. This lesson teaches students how to identify beliefs that harm their performance and the beliefs that students need to develop to enhance their exam performance.


7. Lesson 4: Beliefs – Perceptions part 2 (12 mins 5 sec)

Length: 12 minutesComplexity: Standard

Changing our beliefs can be challenging; it requires evidence and reinforcement. This lesson covers the relationship between our beliefs and our self-worth and self-confidence and outlines what students need to do to make the changes they need to make.


9. Lesson 5: Prepare – Behaviours (16 mins 14 sec)

Length: 16 minutesComplexity: Standard

High performance is the product of quality preparation. Using sport and performance psychology principles, students will learn how to prepare themselves for their exams the same way elite athletes prepare for the Olympics.


13. Lesson 7: Review – Assess (7 mins 38 sec)

Length: 7 minutesComplexity: Standard

Following every performance is the review. This lesson shows students how to objectively review their exam performance so they can identify the exam performance areas that they need to work on for their exam.


15. Lesson 8: Adjust – Coping (8 mins 28 sec)

Length: 8 minutesComplexity: Standard

Emotions are also part of every exam performance and not all of them are pleasant. This lesson shows students how to manage their emotions effectively so they don’t negatively impact on the rest of their day or their next exam performance. This is especially important for students who have another exam to complete later that day.


18. Lesson 10: Imagery (Process) (5 mins 43 secs)

Length: 6 minutesComplexity: Standard

This lesson is a guided imagery exercise designed to focus the student’s attention on the tasks that need to be completed to perform their best. Process imagery helps reduce nervous energy.


19. Lesson 11: Imagery (Outcome) (4 mins 7 secs)

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Standard

This lesson is a guided imagery exercise designed to increase the student’s nervous energy when they feel flat and demotivated. This imagery focuses on the results that come with success.