Slam The Exam

Every year, during October and November, thousands of year 12 students across the country complete their exams.

These exams are the culmination of all the work completed by students during years 11 and 12, plus the 10 years of school prior to that. The results of these exams often determine whether the hopes, dreams and aspirations of students are realised by their successful performance and entry into their desired university course. Alternatively, students’ hope dreams and aspirations can suffer a setback if they don’t perform.

For many students, these exams produce all sorts of stress and anxiety such as exam stress, worry about getting the marks they need to get into university and fear of letting their parents and teachers down by not performing well. Some students have their heart set on a university course and they will be devastated if they don’t make it.

These days high school students are competing for places at university and many are looking for an edge. Students are receiving tutoring in specific subjects in attempts to improve their marks, but the money spent on tutoring may be wasted if the student experiences exam stress and doesn’t perform their best. I see this often and it’s not the tutors fault – the students know the subject well, it’s just that exam stress overwhelms them and they don’t perform on the exam day as well as they know they can.

This is the reason why Slam the Exam was created; to help students perform their best during exams. Many students do not know how to deal with exam stress or what they need to do to manage anxiety or how to prepare their best for exams. Students now have answers to all these questions by completing Slam the Exam.

University students are also experiencing pressure to perform and many hours are spent trying to improve their GPA so they can progress through their course. Many courses these days are highly competitive and high GPA’s are required if students are to receive invitations into post graduate studies.

Slam the Exam provides students with a huge edge and a considerable advantage over their peers as they compete academically. By drawing on the mental skills that professional and Olympic athletes use to perform their best during competition, Slam the Exam delivers a framework for high performance that allows students to bring out the best in themselves during exams and under any other performance conditions, such as music, theatre, public speaking and sport.

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You also have access to the program creator, Shayne Duncan, via email and via individual sessions if you would like to receive some tailored advice and support.

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Slam the Exam Course Benefits:

By completing the SLAM the Exam course students will learn how to:

1 Deal with exam stress, exam anxiety and manage their emotions

Slam the Exam will help students prepare themselves as well as they can for their exams. This includes how to manage exam stress and anxiety, how to manage emotions and nerves plus how to apply these skills to real life situations, not just exam stress.

2 Set goals that will help your performance

Some goals come with unnecessary pressure, especially when there is a set target or competition for limited university places. Slam the Exam will show you which goals to focus on and which goals to avoid if you want to perform your best.

3 Build beliefs that support them

Our beliefs about ourselves play a large role in determining whether we are successful or not. Slam the Exam will show you how to identify beliefs that support you and how to build new beliefs that will help you perform your best. For example, a student’s current beliefs about exams will play are large part in how well they prepare and ultimately perform.

4 Review their performance to help them improve

Students often come out of exams with mixed emotions. Some are unhappy about their performance, others are unhappy with the exam itself and will go online to vent their frustrations, which ultimately doesn’t help their exam performance. Slam the Exam will show you how to review your performance to help you improve from every exam you take.

5 Manage their time to maximise the quality of their preparation

Everyone is time poor – they have less time available to them to study than they would like to have. Slam the Exam shows students how to prepare themselves in a way that gives them the best possible chance to produce their best on exam day, given the time that they do have to work with.

Who is the Course for?

Anyone who wants to get the best out of themselves

Whether you want to do your best on exams or improve your performance in any other task, this course will show you the steps you need to follow to perform your best. You will no longer need to ask ‘what is the best preparation for exams?’ because you will already know the answer; it’s Slam the Exam.

Anyone who experiences exam stress or exam anxiety

Worrying about exams isn’t a pleasant experience and worry doesn’t help your performance. The skills you will learn in Slam the Exam will help you manage your anxiety so you can perform as well as you can and overcome exam stress.

Anyone who needs to achieve top marks to get into their preferred university course

Do you need a mark in the high 90’s to get into medicine or law? Do you need a high GPA to make it into an Honours or Masters program? Slam the Exam will show you how to give yourself the best chance to get the marks you need while you complete for places at university.

Anyone who is dealing with high expectations from teachers, parents or themselves

High expectations often lead to anxiety and pressure to perform. Some students even feel that they have to get everything right to be accepted by others, which to them means that their exam results will determine their worth as a person. This creates plenty of stress which can become unhealthy. Slam the Exam will show students how to manage these expectations and how to separate their exams results from their worth as a person.

Anyone looking to build confidence in themselves

Confidence is a wonderful feeling that everyone needs to feel more often. Slam the Exam will show you how to build confidence in your ability to do well in exams as well as how to build confidence in yourself.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Sign up today!