Exam Stress

This free course provides an overview of exam stress and it outlines the impact that exam stress has on exam performance.

Many students hate exams and will often report felling ‘stressed out’ when they have exams looming. Often the stress that students are feeling is self-generated. By being able to identify the true source of their exam stressstudents can begin to work on managing their exam stress so it does not have a negative impact on their exam performance.

The lesson also covers the relationship between exam stress and exam performance, which emphasises the importance of students being able to manage their exam stress levels. Further information on managing exam stress levels is contained in the Slam the Exam course; an entire lesson and a worksheet are devoted to the task of how students can go about managing their exam stress.

The Exam Stress course is delivered in the same format as the Slam the Exam course, so by completing the Exam Stress course students will experience the delivery process. The course is delivered by the following process:

  • Download the lesson worksheet
  • Watch the video that delivers the lesson
  • Watch the video that guides students through the completion of the worksheet.

This format is simple and effective because students don’t have to complete large amounts of reading or write out long essay responses. The worksheets are only a single page in length and are simple to complete.

There are NO textbooks, NO essays to write and NO facts or formulas to remember.

Students can watch the videos as many times as they like to improve their familiarity with the lessons. What could be easier than that?

Members also have access to the program creator, Shayne Duncan, via email and via individual sessions if you would like to receive some tailored advice and support.

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